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What is Shopify?

Perhaps you have heard at least once about online website building platforms such as Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace allowing you to build your website. Besides, e-commerce platforms like Wordpress WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal or Joomla, require you to have the programming knowledge to be able to use.
Now what?

You don't need any programming knowledge to start your e-commerce your business. Shopify is a platform that allows you to design your website without any programming knowledge, ease of use and management for everyone.


On this page:
  • What is Shopify?
  • What knowledge is needed to use Shopify?
  • Great things to use Shopify
  • What can I sell on Shopify?
  • How to get started with Shopify?
  • How much does it cost to use Shopify?
  • Some forms of making money online with Shopify
  • Should use free themes or buy paid items?
  • To be successful with Shopify
  •  Owning a professional online sales website and creating a stable source of income is always the desire of businesses who want to expand their sales channels as well as those who are selling online via Instagram, Facebook .. and wish to own a website to take your brand to a new level.

    Did you know that 1.8 billion people worldwide purchase goods online in 2019? If you exclude a website from your sales channel, it means leaving yourself out of this potential e-commerce game and opportunity.

    What is Shopify?


     Tobias Lutke founded Shopify in 2006, a   programmer. Initially, Tobias started by creating his Snowdevil snowboard website but was too disappointed in e-commerce solutions at the time. Tobias decided to build his e-commerce platform, which is the story of Shopify's birth.
    Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create online sales websites integrated with social networking, product posting, shopping cart and payment features, order processing, all combined in Shopify.

    By the time of 3/2019, more than 800,000 e-commerce websites were using the Shopify platform. With a user-friendly interface, professional design and ease of use, Shopify is accelerating to this 1 million user mark in 2019.

    What knowledge is needed to use Shopify?

    Unlike platforms like Magento or OpenCart that require you to know website, hosting or HTML to use it. Shopify is specially designed for beginners with websites and e-commerce. You only need to know how to use the internet to be able to master and use Shopify.
    As long as you are determined to learn and see the instructions of those who went before, you will surely succeed.

    Great things when using Shopify

    1. Large market: When you own a sales website, you can access unlimited customers. Instead of holding a store at a specific street and only reaching a certain number of customers, with Shopify, anyone can access and buy your product.
    2. Professionally designed interface: with a standard e-commerce interface system, your brand will stand out and impress customers no less than the website of the world's leading brands.
    3. Technical support 24/7: Shopify has a professional support team 24/7 whenever you need help.
    4. Welcoming the e-commerce wave: E-commerce is exploding, with the use of Shopify, you have built the foundation for your future success.
    5. Maximum support for advertising: Have you ever used Facebook or Google Adwords ads? Shopify is a great combination to bring the best results for your advertising campaign.
    What can I sell on Shopify?
    You can sell almost anything on the Shopify platform. Some popular product categories on Shopify include:
    - Clothing fashion
    - Jewelry & Accessories
    - Cosmetic
    - Electronic device
    - Home Appliances & Interior Decoration
    - Food & Drinks
    - Children toy
    Not only allows you to sell physical products, but Shopify also allows you to sell products such as services, courses, membership cards, hotel rooms, ...

    How to get started with Shopify?

    To start using Shopify, you need an internet-connected computer and an email address. Shopify's primary language is English so it would be good if you were an ordinary English user. If you do not know English, it is okay, just learning a little is familiar.
    Shopify is generous when it allows all customers to try 14 days for free to test all features without requiring a credit card or any payment information.

    Shopify designed the system to guide you to complete the installation and design of your own Shopify website. Or you can refer to the Meifycart Shopify installation guide.

    After the 14-day trial is over, if you feel Shopify fits your needs, you can choose Shopify's service packages depending on your business/personal needs.
    You can finish reading this article and start or leave it faster, or sign up for a 14-day free Shopify trial.

    How much does it cost to use Shopify?

    Shopify has service packages from $ 29 - $ 299 per month, not to mention the Shopify Plus service package for VIP customers with large orders.
    • Basic package: $ 29 per month, fee $ 2.9 + 30 ¢ / transaction
    • Shopify package: $ 79 per month, $ 2.6 + fee + 30 ¢ / transaction
    • Advance package: $ 299 1 month, fee $ 2.4 + 30 ¢ / transaction

    Beginning, you can choose Basic or Shopify packages. The difference between Basic and Shopify is not only in the fee/transaction but also in the Shopify package that allows you to sell Gift Card / Gift Voucher, as well as a professional reporting system.


    Some forms of making money online with Shopify

    • Drop shipping: A large number of The4 theme's small customers use Shopify to dropship. They look for major US suppliers on clothing, cosmetics, skateboards, vapes, etc. There are also some who choose dropship from Aliexpress. Dropship forms require a thorough understanding and research of products/keywords, not a simple one, not a lot of successful people with Aliexpress because most of them only copy other people's products but do not understand. Why are they successful?
    • Selling auto fulfillment T-shirts: There is currently a shift from selling traditional platform T-shirts like Teespring jumping through selling T-shirts using Shopify and a Shopify-connected platform. The most famous ones are Printful, Teelaunch, CustomCatand a new App -  Premium Product Designer Tool Lumise. I highly appreciate Printful then Teezily Plus and Lumise. Since traditionally selling T-shirts is not a sustainable business when there is too much competition, they are gradually shifting through Shopify as a viable platform.
    • Fulfillment by Amazon / Private Label: There are quite a few people who have succeeded with FBA and Private Label and have become a reliable seller on Amazon. However, they still use Shopify as a secondary sales channel and connect with Amazon. After having ordered on Shopify, the system will send to Amazon to fulfill (fulfill) that order. Besides, many people sell their Private Label products on Shopify, which are primarily related to soap, fitness supplements, cosmetics, foods, and more.
    • Self-selling their products: There are also quite a few people who sell their products, but not many

    Should use free Shopify themes or buy paid themes?

    Many people think that just using specific themes will sell. It's not. Whether you sell goods depends on many different factors.

    Some of The4's customers only use Shopify's free theme, but there are a few dozen sales or hundreds of sales/day. But quite a lot of customers use specific theme $ 160, but for several months there is no sale. What is the reason?

    Themes are just a tiny part of the success with Shopify. Many of you find having a successful store using a theme so think that if you only use the same theme, create the same Add to Cart button, add the same Countdown timer, and so on. However, there is one thing that many people do not know, that before successful with such good theme, they used a very inconvenient theme.

    When you spend money to buy something, you will put your energy and effort into success. A person who spends $ 56 to buy a theme on Themeforest will think that he must try to succeed to make up for the money he has invested.

    Shopify currently has more than 10 free themes to choose from to start. These free themes are quite simple but will be the start for you to get acquainted with Shopify.
    Also, the best choice is buying Shopify themes with a pretty good price of around $ 50-60 in Themeforest.

    To be successful with Shopify

    You have the following elements:

    • Research / analyze products you will sell with Tools like Google Keywords Planner, Longtail Pro, ... before starting
    • Focus on stitching logo design, brand identity, banners, ...
    • Build trust, creating a trust for shoppers: All your essential pages like Homepage, collection, product page require proper layout as well as more trusted badges.
    • It is necessary to have Returns & Exchange, Quality Guarantee, Terms of Services policies ...
    • Also, you need to build facebook page, Instagram for a long time to collect potential and loyal customers later.

    Not every time you advertise, you can sell it right away. Because most people will get out of your website without buying. You will then need to use Retarget Facebook Ads to target exit customers who have not purchased. For customers who have filled out the form but haven't completed the payment, Shopify has Abandon Cart that allows you to email those guests to complete (should include a discount code or free shipping to encourage purchases). For those who have purchased, you can use Receiptful to encourage them to buy or recommend to friends. In addition, Shopify has many other apps for upselling and sales.

    • Payments gateway: This is pretty much what you encounter and headache with it. Many of you try Fake SSN to use Stripe but this is very risky and potentially dangerous. Once Shopify scans, your account will fly without regret. The safest way is to use PayPal Pro Checkout with a Business account (allow payment with Visa / Credit Card). The procedure for registering a Business account with PayPal is not complicated, google will come out.
    • Email Marketing / Promotions: You can email potential customers when collecting their emails. There are also promo programs that you can create yourself or a loyalty program, ...
    • SEO / Mobile friendly: Your website needs to optimize SEO with meta tags, keywords and page speed. In addition, your mobile site must be friendly and easy to use because today more than 50% of users buy products via mobile


    In short, you will succeed with Shopify if you are willing to explore and learn, do it with your own strength. Many of you regret $ 29 a month for Shopify, but if you know how to exploit, Shopify is really a great platform and a gold mine you can exploit.



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