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5 Ways to Boost Sales by Making Your Store More Trustworthy

How to build trust for customers on your Shopify store?

In order to build a website that can bring you benefits, you must build trust from customers. This is not the simple things, requires you to have effective strategies and take time to learn and to do

1. When the customer first knows your site

When your customer needs to buy products and services, they will come to your website. 
If they stay on the website longer, you must have got the minimum requirement, build trust proofs.
Now, If you want to convince them to make a purchase, you must make a professional interface, easy navigation, best experience on the website.

To do this, please follow the details:

  • - Introducing the company brand clearly and truthfully
  • - Provide phone numbers and email addresses for customers to contact.
  • - Give positive feedback from customers first.
  • - Product quality certificate of the competent authority.
  • - Service response time is fast and compact.


2. When customers visit the website

The most important thing when the customer is accessing the website is the user experience. At this time, the website must be optimal to bring them an interesting feeling.

You can apply the following tips to optimize

  • - High-quality image.
  • - Clear product information.
  • - The policy of order, payment and payment varies.
  • - Build blogs around products and services provided.
  • - Optimal page loading speed and website display on all devices

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    - Review and evaluation: This is the most accurate demonstration of the customer experience gained from the service you provide. These reviews and comments may be displayed on your website or on popular community websites. There are many ways to encourage your customers to leave positive reviews and reviews about the business


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    3. When customers choose products into the basket

    The customer has selected the product in the cart but if there are some obstacles in the change (adding or removing
    products), payment, ... the ability of them to exit the site without placing the order is very high. To avoid this situation,
    Sales website must ensure:
    • - Simplify the order and payment steps.
    • - Secure customer information.
    • - Order information: Date and time of order, date and time of delivery, amount to be paid problem.


    4. Automatical order confirmation email

    Nothing makes customers feel more inconvenient when they have booked the service but did not receive any confirmation email about the service. 

    An automatical order confirmation email of the service reservation status should be sent to the customer immediately after the booking operation is completed. Through it, customers can confirm the information they have placed and feel more confident about the service you provide.

    5. Regularly organized the customer program

    This is one of the tools that many brands choose to build trust and increase loyalty to their customers. These programs also show your interest and preferences for customers. It will partly affect whether or not customers return.
    Some of the programs you should organize:
    • - Online score
    • - Discount coupon, Coupon
    • - Happy birthday, grateful customers, ...
    • - Flash deal


    Having the trust of customers is something that every business cares about and pays attention to. You as a Shopify store owner should apply the factors outlined above to attract more customers and provide more services to your customers. They are very easy to do, just start now!

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