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How to get Free Shopify themes

When you start building an online store for your business, everything is new and quite difficult.
You will always intend to find the safest method for yourself. You might look for a free Shopify theme?. You want everything to be smooth at the least expensive cost, right?
In fact, there is no risk to you without paying anything. You need to invest to bring in the opportunity to make the most venue of your business. Everyone likes free but they're also said "the cheapest is the dearest"
However, with Shopify, Shopify offers you many choices so you can optimize your budget for building an online store. You can use completely free themes of Shopify, you can also use paid themes with more features, more conveniences.


Download here


Download here


Download here


Download here


Download here


Download here


Download here


Download here


Download here


Download here


Download here


Of course, a free theme is fine but there are only a few caveats where free isn't always free. For instance, a lot of these free themes that you see above, if you want to customize something, well, be based about all these features and Free theme just gives you something bare-bones. It might be free but to have it looks the way you want to it's going to cost you significant amounts of time.

So I guess and in this examples, how do you value your time also view their flexibility is missing. With these free themes, you will spend hours upon hours trying to find a solution. You want to change the color, you want to change the font-size or the footer? The free Shopify theme doesn't have those options for you. Then the themes that are free, they have a path to a paid version but the paid version cost lot more than a premium theme would normally cost and the quality is a lot less

The best way for you, you can just click on this link and go there Gecko is one of the most unbelievably powerful themes that you could buy. It has unbelievable flexibility. It's currently being used on thousands of websites. You can buy a personal license for $59 but you gotta understand what actually is not just Gecko that you get so much more than that.


The elegance of the site is what you can do with this theme, It's just unbelievable. You can buy it for your website now in Themeforest
I think the price like $49,$59 or something like that are affordable, It gives you lifetime update, 6-month free support service.

A single look at the preview of this theme and you'll see that the quality is way better than a free Shopify theme. Let look at the demo, here you can see you get. It's already professionally designed, you get these beautiful animations, impressive color scheme.

Instead of taking a free Shopify theme that has a paid upgrade version, going straight to the paid theme right away. You'll get more flexibility, more features, higher-quality, higher service


No doubt, using a paid (premium) theme is better a free theme when you start building an online store!

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  1. avatar Diana Silva says:

    Thank you for the very nice article
    Can I try the theme before purchase it? I want to check how it looks with our store

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