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Effective ideas for your Shopify blog so that turns traffic into sales

In any Shopify stores, we need a section for the blog 
We will point out the characteristics of a good blog site before coming up with specific examples

A good Shopify blog will include 5 components:

1. Contains the main keywords to support SEO.
If your blog posts are at the top of Google search results, your store will surely be well known. Free tools you can use to find out the best keywords like:

Of course, to SEO a website takes a lot of time, but only if you work hard you will get a good result.

2. Write relevant content and relate to the product you are trading
The better the Blog content, the more opportunities to bring customers back to your store. Then you can easily convert blog traffic into customers.

3. Show your products in action
You can use a blog to support sales, so this is your chance to promote your product.
On your blog, you should upload photos and videos with attractive and eye-catching content to attract customers. You can add your products which are mentioned in your post, as well as  Add to cart button to encourage them to buy these products.

4. The article is brief, concise, using the link appropriately
Today, fierce competition in the market, and you have 7 seconds to catch attention everyone's first sight
Shopify store Good As Gold is very good at short, entertain content. But besides, they not only wrote for fun but also aimed at their brand.

5. Link to social networks
Social media has a significant influence. Taking advantage of these social networks is essential. You should create sharing buttons on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. So people can find you easily when they are logged in to an account

Quality eCommerce / Shopify blog examples

Shopify blog content example #1: Shopify blog itself.

Blog of is quite simple but effective. You need to tell readers what is the critical content. On the right side, there is a list of the latest posts, most viewed posts. It motivates readers to click and stay on your store.
Inside the blog, there will be a lot of call to action buttons for the reader to navigate to the other internal pages.

Shopify blog content example #2: Lowe’s Goes DIY

Lowe has a blog content about Do-it-yourself that a tutorial for the customer painting by themselves. For example, in their blog post titled " 5 tools make your drawing work easier" they show tips to draw everything, as well as related images and links to the products on your store. If you place links in the right context, you will be able to entice the reader to your liking.

Shopify blog content example #3: Bed Bath & Beyond’s Candle Guide.

The4 - We sell different themes, but in our posts, we introduce not only our themeS but also another theme to increase the credibility of the article. We aim to make the difference between our available themes like responsive themes, minimal themes, colorful themes and competitors' themes.

Shopify content template example #4: Zappos’ Guide on Clothing Layering

Last May when the weather started getting hot. Zappos posted a post on their blog with " 5 tips to avoid thermal shock when leave the air conditioner to go outside when it is too hot". This is a health-related content but also related to their clothing store. There are links to the latest T-shirts, pants, and dresses available for purchase on the website. Customers will come up with ideas for coordinating summer clothes and visit around your store right after. This is a simple but useful method

Shopify blog content example #5: Nieman Marcus’ Interview with Their Designers.

Interview with Nieman Marcus with their designers. Your blog can cite the comments, objective reviews of celebrities, experts. One show television is talking about Jimmy Choo's shoe, and Jimmy talks about buying shoes on your online store. You can cite it to improve the credibility of your online articles and stores, convince customers that these shoes are worth buying and valuable.  


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